Sunny Urban Session!

Colorado has had some gorgeous and I mean GORGEOUS light lately! Photographed this sweet family downtown at this mural per my clients request and I have to say…it was awesome! The two little girls, Wynn & Vivian were so sweet and I loved running around playing and photographing them! Mamma did an amazing job putting together their outfits to fit the location! Here they are! HKP_0116HKP_0217HKP_9467HKP_9538HKP_9577HKP_9642HKP_9657HKP_9683

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Harps, Harpoon, Harpiere…my sweet girl!

I think often times its easy to get caught up in everyday life. In the “things” that need to be done. Things that need to be tended to, things on the to-do list..the things can go on and on and on but what I try to remind myself of more often then not is that those things don’t matter-I am not going to look back on those “things” and not remember doing them. I am not going to remember the one time out of fifty that I actually put the laundry away in drawers and hung up the clothes in the closet. I am not going to remember the pile of dishes in my sink and the time that I decided to do them and not let them sit for two or three days. I am not going to remember when I decided to sweep my house because I should have done it a few days before..I am not going to remember the ONE time out of too many when I actually cleaned my car out and it stayed clean with no goldfish crumbs all over the floor for what…a mere 24 hours? I am not going to remember all these tiny “things” next week, or a month away, or even a year away…but what I WILL remember are the times I spent with my sweet girl. These times are SO special and I wouldn’t want to trade them for anything in the world. As I try to soak up all the time I spend with her, I find myself fighting against all the “things” that should be done-but I decided (and will continue to decide) to push them back to be the best mom I can be, for her. For my sweet Harper that I love so much. Sometimes being a mom is tough business. As are realizing what your priorities are.  I sometimes “think” I am superwoman and can do all these household tasks as well as be the best mom I can be (wait who am I kidding?!) I think if I have learned one thing, its that these little ones grow like weeds. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was holding for the first time and looking at all her features and being like “oh my goodness she looks JUST like me!!!” and now in just 3 short months…my baby will be three! Often times I am so stressed after I photograph her…but this was the first time in a LONG time that I am somewhat satisfied with how I have captured her. Trying to soak in these last few months of her two-ness and brace myself for her three year old self. I love you my sweet babe!




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