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Thank you so much for your interest!! I am so passionate about what I do, and glad I am able to share it with you.

My name is Hillary and my daughter harper  mean the absolute world to me!  She is my first and foremost favorite thing about this world we live in. Then comes family, friends and everything else in-between! They have made this whole photographic journey possible.

If I am not photographing, you can catch me baking my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe (which might I add is amazing & if you ask my family, they will tell you they may be burnt on the bottom, oops!), taking my daughter to the beach , or laughing about everything and anything imaginable with my friends and family. If you are one of the lucky many, I might whip out my crazy amazing impression of a velociraptor (Yes the dinosaur!!) that  close friends and families have heard..and MIGHT even use it to make your little one laugh at a session…or you mom or dad! Wait lets be serious, mostly mom and dad!  I love crafts and doing random DIY projects that don’t always come out how I expect them to….I also love to sing to everything (Yes I am that crazy lady!) and turn daily life into a musical! Literally. Now you think I am probably quite strange..so lets stick with the normal things! 😉 Moving on! Now lets get serious…

The little things in life mean the most to me, and as a mother, it is so important to have all those precious, intimate moments captured.  I want to give you what means the most to me, photographs. I am so blessed to be able to share that with you.

Without them, we would only be able to remember things by memory rather than by sight, let me give you something that you and your family will remember for forever.

Thank you so much again for your interest, and I look forward to working with you and your beautiful family!

Hillary Kaye


Photo of us taken by the talented Sarah Hill


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